Upstate Community Acupuncture

Lasting Results:

Acupuncture is a process.

​More than one treatment is needed to resolve the majority of conditions. We recommend most patients start off receiving two treatments each week for five weeks (a series of ten treatments) before reducing the frequency of their treatments. This frequency helps most patients to obtain both immediate and long lasting results for many conditions (especially conditions that you have had for a while).    

Generally you should notice gradual improvement in your symptoms after each treatment and usually will notice other improvements as well (such as feeling more relaxed, or that your sleep improves after being treated, etc). 

​Patients with chronic conditions often continue care at a less frequent interval to help them manage their health, and feel their best.

Getting Lasting Results: 

​With acupuncture care you will usually feel better before you are better. This means your symptoms may quickly recede, but will come back if you do not follow through with your treatment plan.

It is important to continue care until the condition is completely resolved to prevent it from reoccurring. Results from your first treatments tend to wear off gradually and some conditions require more frequent treatment to permanently resolve. If you do not follow your treatment plan acupuncture may not work that well for you, and it will take much longer to get the results you desire.  

Sticking with your treatment plan:

Keep in mind that we will discuss a treatment plan for your specific needs and you should pay what you can afford to stick to your plan as best as possible so that you get the best benefit from your treatments. ​It does a great disservice to both of us if you cannot afford to get better and you discontinue treatment before that happens.

Our business is founded on helping people and word-of-mouth advertising.  We want you to love your experience and to know that acupuncture works so that you come back and bring your family and friends.